Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is going to be my last blog post.

Maybe for now, or maybe forever.
But personally, I don't even see the point in not deleting this thing. God, I was such a whiny 13-year old. Okay, I'm still whiny now, but I sounded pretty stupid back then. Jeez. All I did was repeat words to make the blog posts look longer. Ha. Alright, as I was saying, I will be leaving this blog. I probably won't check on this until about, what, 10 years from now? Then I will proceed to laugh at my "attempts" to be "cool".

I won't delete it, because I want to be able to look back at my old self. Okay. Goodbye now.

this blog is so embarrassing.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey to whoever actually reads this shit! Hahaha.

It's been quite a while since I've last blogged, hasn't it? Wow. It really HAS been a while. Jeez. I reaaaally need to update more. Haha. And make my font bigger, too. I mean, who wants to squint their eyes just to read about how boring my life has been? I'm pretty sure I don't want to. Okay. Soooo... it's summer now. I really miss my old class. Best. Class. Ever. I'll be in Sophomore year next year. Time flies fast. I'm almost 14. If you didn't know, my birthday is in about... uhh... 9, 8 days? I dunno. Well enough of that. Let's talk about music, k? Alright. Lately, I've been really into The Maine, The Summer Set, and A Rocket to the Moon. I'm probably kinda late on liking them, but who cares. I'm so in love with The Summer Set, I drew them. TWICE. Lol, okay. Weird. Haha.

K, ONWARDS, MATEYS! Sooo I'm a huge tumblr maniac now. Hehe. Summer is totally boring. Only thing I have to look forward to is my almost weekly visits from my totally awesome cousin, my dad coming home soon, and my aunt visiting from the States. Woot woot! Hahaha. Yeah. Wow. My life really does suck. Insert sigh here. It's like, I have the same routine EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Gosh. I need to exercise more. Saddd. Lol. Ok.

That's it for now, I guess.
Until next time,

While I'm gone, enjoy this TSS drawing:

Song of the day: "We'll All Be..." by The Maine

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I was such a little 13 year old bitch.

I just realized how much of a bitch-slash-attention seeker this post made me sound. So I will edit all of it. No, I don't want you all to "FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR. (:" or "FLOOD ME WITH QUESTIONS!"

God. I really need to think before I write. I am a lame ass 15 year old.
Damn straight, I'm fifteen. It's been two years, and to tell you the truth, I think my English has been deteriorating. I blame you, Tumblr.

But anyway, if anyone else does still see this, or you know, want to talk to me. Or anything. Or stalk me, whatever (I highly doubt it).

Here's my tumblr, which I am thoroughly obsessed with:

Thank y'all.
And dear god. I just realized putting Frances S. after every single damn post is so embarrassing. Okay. Bye now.

Friday, October 2, 2009


It's like the second day of blogging all over again.

Hahaha. It seriously feels like it. OMG, PHINEAS AND FERB. OMG, I SAID OMG. Oh shizzzz. Hahaa. Gah. I can't post about what I posted in the last blog (which I deleted) because I know Joshua will be reading. Hahaa. SHIZ, THAT'S HILARIOUS.

Guy: That's not funny.
Other Guy: You laughed earlier!
Guy: It was a pity laugh.

HAHAHAHA. From Phineas and Ferb. Teehee. I lurf that show. Teehee. Oh, okay. Stop, Frances. STOPPPP. Okay. Sooo... today... we made Ms. Sumalinog cry. I feel bad again... Damn. It isn't my fault though.. oh well. Oh, oh, oh! Some people went to the guidance counselor to talk about... about... it. Yes. And it was given a talk by the guidance counselor. Yes. It's so... so... so... GAHH. Hey, you know. I actually like the music from Phineas and Ferb. The one about Perry Coming Home? Yeah. Okay. Not that much. Hahaha. Weird. Anyway.

OH. IT'S FRIDAY! THAT MEANS FOLLOW FRIDAY! YAY! HAHAHA. Anyway. That's it for now? Damn, that was short. Gah. Tomorrow. I promise. :)


Frances S.

Current Tortune: "America's Suitehearts" by Fall Out Boy

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oh, how I have missed blogging so! Hahaha. How are you guys? GOSH. It's been SOOO long! I need a new post! I actually felt sorry for my blog! Hahaha. Okay... so... last time I blogged was... fcuk. TWO MONTHS AGO? Wahhh. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Hahaha. :)) To make up for that, I shall make an extra extra long blog! (Hopefully. Haha) Sooo. Today is Wilmer's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILMER! Okay... andd.. what else... uhh... we had our "weekly session" too, today. It's uhh... I never told you about that, did I? Hm. Okay. It's our.. uhh.. "talk-about-that-dude" session. Yeah. We call ourselves... ANTI G-FORCE 9. Hahaha. Dude, I am seriously putting all my effort not to make a smiley right now. Haha. Anyway... 2nd semester is almost finished. NOOOO. And I found out we have a sembreak! BUTTTT, the bad thing is that it's only a 6-day sembreak. How retarded is that? Yes. It is very retarded. Ha. Ha. Oh, and... uhh... I wanna tell you something. (not like anyone would read this anyway) Ummm... I might...

have a secret not to be told to eyes like you.

Buttttttt... it's so weird. It's... gahhh. Not normal. NOT.NORMAL.AT.ALL. I have not well. YOU KNOWWWW... EVER. EVER. EVER. Seriously. This... is a first. Haha. At least ya'll don't know what it is. Not like you'll ever know. Hopefully Joshua gave up hope on seeing me update. I seriously don't want him to read this. Seriously. OH, THAT REMINDS ME. Haha. Joshua (the OTHER one) has a GIRLFRIEND now. OMG! HAHA. I'm soooo happy. Hahaha. He doesn't really seem like the type though. He looks too innocent and child-like. BUT HE ISN'T. Oooh, shocker. Haha. Oh, btw. Can you believe it's OCTOBER now? Time flies so fast! Hahaha. Ahh. It's good, though. I'm not complaining. Teehee.

ANYWAYYYYYYY. Did you guys hear the old news? TYPHOON ONDOY. OMG. I feel so guilty right now. I'm right here and... the people in Manila are suffering right now. I feel badddd. Wahhh. AND I HEARD. TYPHOON PEPENG IS GOING TO PASS CEBU. HOLY SHITTTTT. OHMYFRICKINGGOD. They say it's a SUPER TYPHOON. A FREAKING SUPER TYPHOON. WHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL?! Ondoy was only a NORMAL typhoon! PEPENG IS A SUPER TYPHOON. A SU- must I repeat myself? No. I didn't think so. Ha. Ha.

ANYWAYYY. I guess that's it for now. That was kinda long, I guess. Well. G'bye! :3

Frances S.

Current Tortune: "That For Me" by Forever the Sickest Kids